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Vol. 35: Hey Baby! Here's What to Expect
Price: $50.00

Filling a conspicuous gap in the self-help market, we offer advice to the newborn—namely, what to expect in life and how to find happiness. Hang this over baby’s crib, and by the time he learns to read, he will already be a cynic.
Vol. 19: Floating on the Ocean
Price: $40.00

The maritime adventures of a profoundly unlucky man, this book is most compelling for the fact that it is not a book. Letterpress printed on pure cotton and produced in a limited edition of 300, this is what happens when Robbi finds her bad self alone with a Vandercook.
The Baby is Not Promising
Price: $20.00

This panel from The Baby is Disappointing reveals that there's no shame to coming in third (unless you're the only one competing).

Bad Bird
Price: $20.00

This self portrait of Kato B. Ribbu (circa 2003) captures the artist's wry humor, sharp teeth, and tendency to lurk in trees.
An Ocean Voyage
Price: $20.00

As the little girl hero of My Henderson Robot will tell you, it's probably not a good idea to let Dad steer the ship when a killer octopus is on the prowl.
Price: $20.00

People have conjectured that this illustration is about the release of repressed emotion. People have speculated that this illustration is about the aftermath of a particularly raucous night on the town. You decide.
Punch in the Face
Price: $20.00

Robbi drew this when she was mad. That whole thing about not messing with Texas applies doubly to Robbi.
My Family Lived on Brussels Sprouts
Price: $20.00

Literally. Our house was on top of those Brussels sprouts. Understand, please, that we did not eat them. We ate other things like cheesecake and capers and watermelon rind.
Frog and Butterfly
Price: $20.00

Straight from the terrifying mind of Robbi Kato Behr (and perhaps the truest example of her illustration style unplugged).
We've Had Quite a Run
Price: $20.00

The Last of the Real Small Farmers stays put as the city encroaches. Eventually he will not even have to drive to get to the Super Target.