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Vol. 38: Sex to the Third Power
Price: $15.00

The best thing to happen to curious lovers since the Kama Sutra, this mix-and-match send-up of sex manuals is an interactive romp through the annals of carnal desire.
Vol. 35: Hey Baby! Here's What to Expect
Price: $50.00

Filling a conspicuous gap in the self-help market, we offer advice to the newborn—namely, what to expect in life and how to find happiness. Hang this over baby’s crib, and by the time he learns to read, he will already be a cynic.
I Suck Onesie
Price: $15.00

Your child is riddled with hubris. Knock him off his pedestal and remind him who’s the boss before it’s too late.
Baby Bundle of Joy
Baby Bundle of Joy
Price: $20.00

The perfect gift for those who are expecting a baby, are thinking about having babies, or once were babies themselves, our series is a three-part object lesson in the perils of procreation. Complete the irreverence by adding a Peep/Poop or I Suck onesie.
Vol. 32: Avoid Disappointment and Future Regret
Price: $12.00

The definitive book on how to find happiness makes liberal use of information graphics and smiley faces. Guaranteed to improve your life or double your misery.
Vol. 33: Build Your Own President
Price: $12.00

Let your fingers do the voting. Flip the panels of this mix-and-match book to create your own presidential candidate from the smoldering wreckage of the current field.
Vol. 36: Sisyphus Rex
Price: $10.00

It’s hard to be the king, condemned to lead and fight and plunder, one’s every action amplified, one’s every motive moot. Here, the tale of Charlemagne, his conquest and his consequence—his first mistake, his last campaign, his cowardly decline.
Vol. 37: The World in Love
Price: $10.00

Somewhat satirical and entirely red, this small book explores the vagaries of love, from the bone-rattling timpani of beginnings to the trombone solo of retreat. The perfect gift for your heart’s delight or your jilted ex-lover, both of whom should see themselves reflected in these pages.
Vol. 40: Man and the Mountain
List Price: $10.00
Price: $10.00

A man wants to cross an impassable mountain. To get to the other side? Perhaps. But maybe just because it’s there, so constant and imposing What the man does not know is that the mountain is not a mountain. Not really. This book features a dog, a snow globe, a bit of white string, and something like redemption.