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Vol. 27: Six Degrees of Francis Bacon
Price: $15.00

Dispose of your unwieldy Norton! The entire history of literature is here depicted on a 2’ x 3’ poster. From God to Hemingway to Kafka to Danielle Steel, the 50 greatest names in the history of literature are here depicted, and related back to Francis to by no more than six degrees.
williams poster
Ephropology 101: The Williams Bucket List
Price: $20.00

Part “Where’s Waldo,” part checklist, part “stroll down memory lane,” this illustrated “map” presents the various things a Williams student must do before graduating—according to College alumni.
Vol. 26: Makers Tile Game
Price: $12.00
Updated Price: $10.00
You save $2.00!

Here is a game you can’t lose, with more ways of winning than there are atoms in the universe. This set of 81 cards, drawn as the illustrations for the digital version of Cory Doctorow’s Makers, are interchangeable tiles that fit together like a puzzle but that can also be recombined in seemingly endless ways.
Ten Thousand Stories - Chronicle Books edition
Price: $19.95

This is the last book you’ll ever need, at least for a while. Thanks to the wonders of the X-Acto knife and some careful editing, the reader will encounter 10,000 tales of triumph and woe—neither more nor less. Most combinations lead to senseless banalities, but nevertheless promise to delight! Or bore! Or infuriate! We dare you not to perspire. Available for PRE-ORDER now, to ship September 24.
Vol. 38: Sex to the Third Power
Price: $15.00

The best thing to happen to curious lovers since the Kama Sutra, this mix-and-match send-up of sex manuals is an interactive romp through the annals of carnal desire.
Vol. 39: Koochie Is Free
Price: $8.00

A rambling sort of off-the-cuff cowboy, Koochie is a wanderer from responsibility. He wants nothing and has it. His regrettable deeds go unregistered. Neither circumstance nor gunplay will slow his desultory march through open acres, seedy saloons, and the tender hearts of impressionable young (and old) women.
Vol. 15: The Baby is Disappointing
Price: $10.00

Babies are hideous creatures—hateful, disruptive, selfish, loud, filthy, uncoordinated, rude, illiterate, demanding, unpleasant to be around, and awful to behold. This volume details their most distressing shortcomings while offering no solutions. There are none. Babies will be our ruin.
Vol. 41: Slow Death By Cat
Price: $10.00

Part satire, part public service announcement, this small volume tells the tragic story of one man’s complete and unambiguous defeat at the hands of his feline companion. Handmade, wire-bound, and perfect for the cat detractor in your life.

Vol. 29: Homer was an Epic Poet
Price: $10.00

This unauthorized biography of history’s greatest epic poet attempts to unmask the man behind the epithet—including irresponsible conjecture about Homer’s teenage years and a hapless attempt to describe the process of writing poetry. Generously laden with clip art, this book features Homer in headgear, Homer on a surfboard, Homer at a keg party, and a marble bust of Elvis.
Vol. 28: Babies Ruin Everything
Price: $10.00

Having one child is foolish enough. Having a second is foolish and cruel. Honest, unflinching, and illustrated with Robbi’s underappreciated right hand, here is one child’s uncensored exposé of the demoralizing aftermath of the new baby’s arrival. This book is the perfect punishment for those who have been reckless enough to reproduce twice.